Sunday, May 31, 2009

Color Rendering, Acrylic

This is the 80 hour color rendering I did for my intermediate illustration class. The original painting is 8x8 inches. I used the low key, limited palette adjusted with a touch of yellow-orange for the final piece. Below are color comps, experimenting with analogous, atmospheric perspective, limited neutralized, and split complimentary color pallets.

First Plen Air, Acrylic

Plen air painting with Cameron Chun, the instructor for my intermediate illustration class, and the rest of my peers at Monte Bello near the Santa Cruz Mountains. It was my first time ever painting outside and painting a landscape. I think I have discovered my new passion!


Portraits I did for Sheldon Borenstein's advanced life drawing class.

Figure Drawings

A few figure drawings from the past Spring semester. The bottom two I used for the SJSU A/I portfolio. Yey! I got in the program! The top two figure drawings were done after I finished my portfolio. After that, my figure drawings improved a good amount. Maybe I was celebrating through my drawings. Hmmm...