Sunday, March 14, 2010

Figure Drawings

Figure drawings from Fall 2009.

Birnum Wood, Acrylic

Forest I designed for my illustration class taught by Alice Bunny Carter. This was my interpretation of Birnum Wood for the play Macbeth. The inspiration for my design, was a giant redwood with bark that twisted up its trunk. It also had giant finger-like roots that engulfed the forest floor. I revisited the redwoods to find more trees of this nature and study the movement of the bark. Rendering the bark was so much fun, it was hard moving on to other parts of the painting.

Experimenting with Paint

The first assignment I was given in my animation class was to create an animation doing whatever we wanted. I decided to make a stop motion abstract short with paint on canvas, because..... I love paint. We were given only a week to do this, so I apologize for the abrupt ending. I had too much fun on this project and I plan on making more paint animation films in the future.