Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Witches Cabin: Hansel and Gretal

This cabin design is still in the works. I plan to improve the design and finish painting the environment

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Crew of You Project

The Crew of You project was done in my creative illustration class taught by Barron Storey. We were supposed to design six characters that represent different aspects of ourselves. Barron had us create a story, environment, and a model of a stage design for our characters. In this moment piece, my creatures, who live in a tree, must escape their hollow trunk because the entire society is being destroyed.

Gary Soto's 1950's kitchen

Vis Dev Studies

Prop studies for a kitchen design based off a series of short stories by Gary Soto.

No Robots Color Process

This was the first time Corwin (production designer) and I had ever done a color script and it was one of the most challenging aspects of the film. We created the rough color guides on the top left, and as production began, we realized that the color guides were not clear enough for the background artists. Since we had a few artists for each act, the color between shots were not congruent. To tie all the shots together, I painted over each background to clearly define the pattern of the colors and the light.

No Robots

This past summer, I co-directed an animated short, "No Robots," with Yung-Han Chang and 30 of my other classmates. I was in charge of color and lighting, and leading the over all look of the animation, along with the production designers Tim Tang and Corwin Herse-Woo. Unfortunately as a director, I didn't have much time to contribute much artwork for the movie, as this is one of the only backgrounds I did. This scene was the most difficult to color, because I had to make it warm and inviting while sticking with the overall color scheme of the film, green. I decided to go for the blue-green light of the exterior and split compliment for the interior.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Making Paper

Here are some doodles I drew on home-made paper. The paper is made out of kozo I cooked, chopped, and blended, to make this nice brown pulp. After I laid it out to dry for a few days, the drawing began. I also made paper out of found material, like jean, paper bags, and animation paper! I can not wait to make good use out of these odd paper creations!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Figure Drawings

Figure drawings from Fall 2009.

Birnum Wood, Acrylic

Forest I designed for my illustration class taught by Alice Bunny Carter. This was my interpretation of Birnum Wood for the play Macbeth. The inspiration for my design, was a giant redwood with bark that twisted up its trunk. It also had giant finger-like roots that engulfed the forest floor. I revisited the redwoods to find more trees of this nature and study the movement of the bark. Rendering the bark was so much fun, it was hard moving on to other parts of the painting.

Experimenting with Paint

The first assignment I was given in my animation class was to create an animation doing whatever we wanted. I decided to make a stop motion abstract short with paint on canvas, because..... I love paint. We were given only a week to do this, so I apologize for the abrupt ending. I had too much fun on this project and I plan on making more paint animation films in the future.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Totoro and Rubber ducky study

Another Photoshop practice on a still life. I'm still figuring out the program and trying different processes. It is a lot of fun! Although I still need to find out how to make neon orange...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Strawberry poison Frog

One of my first times painting on Photoshop. Photo reference used.