Wednesday, October 20, 2010

No Robots

This past summer, I co-directed an animated short, "No Robots," with Yung-Han Chang and 30 of my other classmates. I was in charge of color and lighting, and leading the over all look of the animation, along with the production designers Tim Tang and Corwin Herse-Woo. Unfortunately as a director, I didn't have much time to contribute much artwork for the movie, as this is one of the only backgrounds I did. This scene was the most difficult to color, because I had to make it warm and inviting while sticking with the overall color scheme of the film, green. I decided to go for the blue-green light of the exterior and split compliment for the interior.


  1. I was in Media Arts Festival yesterday and saw "No Robots." I really loved it, great job!

  2. I loved your animation! I too was at Media Arts and I wish I had asked for a CD of your project. Great job!

  3. Wow, Thank you! "No Robots" will be online after we apply to a few more festivals. You'll be able to see it on my blog. I hope to see you guys again at future festivals!